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Stephanie Kerbis

Founder and Casting Director


Hattie Smith

Donathan Walters

Andrew Moorhead




I began casting in 2012 at Chapman University. My team has cast numerous short films, student films, commercials and music videos. I am so passionate about what I do and what my team has to offer. I look forward to expanding my casting as far as possible.



My team and I take care of everything - breakdowns, sides, casting space, scheduling, aquiring talent, casting sessions, etc. - so that the production team can focus on other aspects of pre-production and know that they will have the best talent presented to them without any stress on their end.



I have been acting for my entire life as well as working with people with special needs. This may sound irrelevant, but the two types of experience have greatly influenced my style of casting. When working with kids with special needs or behavioral disorders, one day is just one day. What works then, will not necessarily work tomorrow. All we can do is approach the situation as a new moment everytime, thinking "what do you need from me right here in this moment", never assuming that what you've done once will work a second time. In casting, every film and every audition is new. We evaluate what each situation needs in that particular moment and act accordingly. Never does my team use a formula or treat actors like one of the masses. As an actor, I know it can feel like the CD wasn't paying attention or didn't care about me as a person. At SKC, we make sure every actor leaves with constructive feedback, feeling genuinely listened to and engaged with. This is very important to our team. 


Another huge contrbutor to the SKC difference is the attention to the vision of the creator. Whether it be the director, producer or client, I base my vision off of the interpretation of the creator. My goal is to make YOUR dreams come true and I never allow ego to interfere with that. SKC strives to tell the story as authenically as possible with every actor we cast. 


I also employ team members with experience in both casting and acting. Therefore, you will never have a monotone reader. We give each actor the opportunity to shine and fully engage. We want to see what you can do, so we pair you up with the best!

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